It is with sadness, but also a great deal of pride in the work accomplished, that we inform you of the definitive end of the Canadian Outdoor Summit project. To learn more about this decision and about our plan to ensure that the assets and advances created by the project can continue to serve the outdoor community, click here!

Six workgroups exploring a set of compelling topics were launched in October of 2019. Women and Men from Indigenous, French, and English communities, lent their considerable expertise to and joined forces to be part of coordination teams for each workgroup.

The central rôle of the workgroups is has concluded. Their work has become the objectives being discussed by the community



Each coordination team received a broad mandate and the following tasks:

  • Choose a specific focus area within the mandate.
  • Develop a plan to engage with the national outdoor community and gather as much input as possible by mid-spring 2020.
  • Analyze the input provided.
  • Develop concrete proposals to be discussed throughout our virtual gatherings in fall 2021 – spring 2022.
  • The proposals are to be adopted and acted upon at the in-person gathering in fall 2022. 

Workgroup 01.

Mandate: Develop a consensus statement about the value of Led Outdoor Activity in Canada.

  • So that your program can become a tool to showcase all the benefits for the participants and the Canadian community of Led Outdoor Activities.
  • So that these benefits can be backed up by a collective of experts.
  • So that we can go to different levels of government and demand investment in our programs and community.



Workgroup 02.

Mandate: Compile and share best practices, structures, and systems related to Led Outdoor Activity across Canada.

  • So that we can demonstrate that we know how to bring people outdoors safely.
  • So that our knowledge and expertise can inform other programs.
  • So that our methods can be recognized as valid and safe – like the car industry!
  • So that organizations approach risk management in a way that works for all.
  • Right now, barriers need to be broken down.




Workgroup 03.

Mandate: Discuss and develop a proposed national framework of competency training for outdoor leaders.

  • So that we have a way to showcase the knowledge and skills necessary to be a good outdoor leader.
  • So that we can help actual and future outdoors leaders to find the right training and not have to start all over when they change provinces, therefore promoting mobility.
  • So that our efforts provide even better recognition of all the training organizations, certifying bodies, post-secondary institutions, and more.





Workgroup 04.

Mandate: Promote outdoor education strategies in K-12 institutions.

  • So that our knowledge and expertise can make outdoor education the norm.
  • So that all students in Canada can go outdoors while at school.
  • Right now, schools can’t because they don’t have the expertise. We can help.




Workgroup 05.

Mandate: Invite and integrate indigenous perspectives on Led Outdoor Activity and its connection to land-based programming.

  • So that the different ways of going on the land can be recognized to their proper value.
  • So that Canada becomes an outdoor nation where there is more than one way to grow outside.




Workgroup 06.

Mandate: Promote greater access to the outdoors for individuals with differing mobility.

  • So that it’s easier for programs to bring Canadians of all abilities outside.
  • So that we can find and share ways to keep doing it safely.
  • So that our programs become more accessible and inclusive.



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