Basecamp Conversations

These are free online meetings designed for us to gather, support each other and explore ways to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 on Led Outdoor Activities (and other programs in general).

This week, because the reality of our sector is different from a province to another, we are organizing provincial conversations. Thus, after the usual introduction, we will divide you into small groups in order to anchor your reflections in your own provincial realities.

Just like the Summit gathering in Gatineau, these Basecamp Conversations are meant to be active and participatory processes. Please come ready to be part of the problem-solving process and be a positive contributor to the National Outdoor Community.

The conversation will be Friday May 15th from 1:00 until 3:00 PM EASTERN. As participation is limited to 100 people, some may be on a waiting list to join our weekly conversations. To respect everyone’s time, please join the call at least 10 minutes in advance and stay until the end.

Looking forward to seeing you, virtually!


Be Part of the Collective Effort!

If you care about bringing people outside, this Summit is for you. It is designed to give space for your opinion to influence the results.  Join this unprecedented national collaboration and help co-create the future of the outdoor community.

Support the Summit and join forces with hundreds of people and organizations passionate about Led outdoor Activities.