The End of the Canadian Outdoor Summit

February 8, 2022

Dear outdoor community,

Over the past few months, members of the steering committee for the Canadian Outdoor Summit have met several times to discuss the project. It is with sadness, but also a great deal of pride in the work accomplished, that we inform you of the definitive end of the Canadian Outdoor Summit project. This closing will be done in such a way that the assets and advances created by the project can continue to serve the outdoor community.

The reality is that the impact and uncertainty related to the pandemic are such that funders are hesitant in these ever-shifting times and necessary resources for the project have yet to be secured. All possible options have been explored, but ultimately this hard decision had to be made.

We know that this is probably disappointing news for many of you as you have all contributed some of your precious time, energy, and expertise to the success of this national endeavor. As mentioned, there is full intent for the Summit assets to continue serving the community. As such, all relevant documents will continue living and being hosted on the OCC Website. A synthesis report will be authored in the next 12 months. The community is more than welcome to visit the OCC website and use the resources to support their needs. Creative Commons license will be attributed to all materials created through the summit, thus best supporting use by and for the community.

The connections that the Summit has allowed are real and deeply rich. Of all the successes of the Summit, it is these connections that have provided the most value and are the most important to continue fostering. We encourage all of you to continue the conversation and are excited to see them continue in earnest in the future.
Some serious consideration is given to other ways in which connections in our national outdoor community can be fostered. As the dust settles from our collective journey for the Summit, expect to hear more about how we can strengthen ties ultimately leading to a reality where Led Outdoor Activities thrive in Canada. The pandemic has clearly highlighted the value our sector brings to society and the gaps in resources necessary to support our growth to the same level as other sectors of society. All that is needed is for us to come together and support each other to create the future we wish to see.

If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out.

Thank you again so much for all that you’ve allowed our community to accomplish since the project began in fall 2019. You deserve much of the credit.

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