14 Major Accomplishments to Celebrate This Holiday Season

December 14, 2021

As we come full circle on our activities over the past year, the Summit team would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity. Whether you participated in one or every one of our conversations, you helped create a more cohesive, proactive, and resilient community. We have gone further and accomplished more than we ever imagined!

Here is a list of our 14 major accomplishments to celebrate this holiday season!

  1. Endorsement from 70 organizations and their direct participation and support;
  2. Covid Guidelines spawned by 40 organizations in a very timely way: Strong and functional protocols developed in time for the very first summer rather than sitting paralyzed by the situation;
  3. Summit Spin-offs, B.C. collective emerged from the Summit and they eventually published BC COVID guidelines for LOA (Led outdoor activities) for Summer 2021;
  4. Travel Manitoba: Insurance conversation;
  5. Conversations between 4 national organizations: CCA, OCC, Paddle Canada and Canadian Ski Association for lobbying the Canadian government;
  6. Summit interim report: Picture of the Outdoor Sector;
  7.  First-ever Sector-wide statement on the value of Outdoor Activity in Canada and the benefits of outdoor activity to Canadian society;
  8. Sector-wide document that outlines accepted practices;
  9. First-ever National framework on competency training for Outdoor Leaders;
  10. Manual and tool kit for accessibility for people with differing mobility;
  11. Guidebook and Tool Box for 2SLGBTQ2 in the outdoor industry;
  12. Truth and Reconciliation Training module specifically designed for the Outdoor Sector;
  13. Anti-racism conversations hosted for members of the Outdoor Sector, this is laying the foundations for a framework for a 5-year DEI plan for the sector;
  14. Hosted a nationwide consultation conversation for Leave No Trace Canada.

Through the virtual conversations, we have enabled members of our nationwide community to engage in conversation, network, and strengthen ties. In the face of adversity and an exceptional sanitary context, we adapted our activities, extended the process, and addressed more issues than we could have imagined. What a great list of strong foundations enabling our sector to get additional funding recognition and support from governments and legitimize the incredible contribution you bring to our society. The progress is significant and tangible. Let’s be proud.

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