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October 26, 2021

In light of this epic, national project, Leave No Trace Canada will be hosting a discussion with the outdoor community on Monday November 15th, 06:30PM EST. Working with our many partners, the research-based, Leave No Trace program has proven its credibility and relevance for conservation in the Canadian context for the last 15 years.

The intention of this workshop is to open up a roundtable, constructive discussion to acquire the input of the Canadian outdoor community on the future of Leave No Trace Canada.  The target topics will address that future and how we can: add value to the Led Outdoor Activity industry; form strategic alignments with that community and explore new directions in win-win scenarios.

Leave No Trace’s mission, to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation through science-based education and partnerships, is crucial more than ever in a setting of ever-growing interest in the outdoors, amplified by the pandemic. Over the years, the Seven Principles and our training programs have been well established and are widely known, but they are not static and are constantly improving and adapting. We are looking to the Outdoor Summit participants for their personal feedback on these important topics.

Please sign up here to contribute to this essential discussion. A preparatory document will be sent to all participants in advance of the workshop

We look forward to your participation!   

Leave No Trace Canada Team 

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If you care about bringing people outside, this Summit is for you. It is designed to give space for your opinion to influence the results.  Join this unprecedented national collaboration and help co-create the future of the outdoor community.

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