Our Plan for Fall 2021

June 8, 2021

September will see an important transition in the Summit project. Key Summit objectives will go from being owned by workgroups to being owned and discussed by the national community (you). This fall, true co-creation begins!

Since 2019, workgroups have been preparing key objectives for the outdoor community. For a reminder of what these objectives are, consult this page on our website. 

Now that the ground is ready, we will need your input. Workgroups have prepared broad plans. Your role will be to help define and strengthen them. We will do this through a series of virtual gatherings held during the following weeks of 2021:

  • September 27th-Oct 1st
  • October 18th-22nd
  • November 8th-12th
  • November 29th-December 3rd

Specific dates will be selected by the end of Summer for each virtual gathering. Expect to see the proposals and summary of information for each workgroup by mid-September. To facilitate access and participation, the virtual gatherings will continue being free. This is also why we host the gatherings in four separate weeks. We want as many people to join. More dates means that if you want to provide input on many objectives, you will be able to do so. 

We need a unified voice to thrive as a community. Generously giving your time and perspective this upcoming fall is the necessary ingredient for this vision to become a reality. Your input will ensure that when we meet as a community in Gatineau, we have an enticing way forward endorsed by our sector as a whole.

Let’s be proud of all this progress! See you there!

Be Part of the Collective Effort!

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