Am I the Only One?

May 12, 2021

Am I the only one
To feel powerless in the face of the current situation,
To feel that it is difficult to be heard,
To see that we are not taken seriously?

Am I the only one
To witness loved ones suffer from home fever,
To see them going in circles,
Waiting for a much-needed time out?

Am I the only one
Who thinks that we’re missing an opportunity
To lead and enable Canadians to enjoy the outdoors
More consciously, safely, and fully?

Am I the only one
To realize the magnitude of what would be possible
If governments invested a fraction of their budget supporting us
To bring people outside and enrich their lives.

Only one, no more.

The Summit is bringing together people just like you from across the country to discuss and tackle our community’s common challenges. Such a process takes time, but we’re heading in the right direction. We have accomplished so much already!

If you too feel that it is by working together that we will reach the highest summits, let us know by replying to this email. Let’s work together on creating a reality where outdoor programs can thrive and be appreciated for their true worth.

Be Part of the Collective Effort!

If you care about bringing people outside, this Summit is for you. It is designed to give space for your opinion to influence the results.  Join this unprecedented national collaboration and help co-create the future of the outdoor community.

Support the Summit and join forces with hundreds of people and organizations passionate about Led outdoor Activities.