Why is going outdoors considered risky?

April 6, 2021

How often have you pitched an outdoor activity to somebody and their first question was about safety? How often did this happen minutes before they jumped in a car and drove away on icy roads? Outdoor activities are still considered risky by many because we haven’t created an agreement within our community.

Experts in the field (that’s us!) must create an agreement and educate the public as to what are our accepted practices. This is what we are doing through the Canadian Outdoor Summit. Thanks to Workgroup 2 (Best practices, structures, and systems) and Workgroup 3 (National framework of competency training for outdoor leaders), we can demonstrate our expertise and reassure Canadians regarding how seriously we take their safety. 

Give the outdoor community the ability to showcase how it keeps people safe and add to that the list of benefits for Led Outdoor Activities (Workgroup 1) and we really give ourselves great tools to attract more people to our programs, increase investment in the outdoor sector and find ways to remove barriers.

The Canadian Outdoor Summit is bringing the necessary transformations for outdoor programs to thrive. Let’s co-create a Canada where the first question regarding outdoor activity is not about safety, but about how positive and transformative this adventure will be.


Through the impacts of covid, people will need to go outside for an outlet. The outdoor community and our programs can help people remain sane in ways that reduce the chances of contagion. Join us for our next Advanced Camp on April 30th where we will discuss what has been done and what is left to do so that our knowledge and our programs can bring people outdoors this summer. Click here to register

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