Where we’re heading

March 24, 2021

Over the past months, our team has worked very consciously to adapt the format of this historical and epic collective effort. After consultation and thoughtful conversations, the Steering Committee has decided to add value to the Summit by extending the project until fall 2022. Here is the plan:

Spring 2021: We will organize one last Advanced Camp on April 30th to continue the conversation we started around leveraging our knowledge to support the reopening of outdoor programs as soon as possible.

Fall 2021 to spring 2022: We will host a few virtual gatherings. These will both continue to support the progress coming from Advanced camp conversations and focus on the core mobilizing issues for the Canadian Outdoor Summit (see the previous article). As workgroups will be done with their preparation by this fall, we will open the conversation around Benefits of Led Outdoor Activities, Accepted Practices, Training and Certification Framework, K-12 Outdoor Education, Indigenous Perspectives and Accessibility for People with Differing Mobility to the outdoor community through virtual meetings in anticipation of the in-person Summit.

Fall 2022: We will hold the final culminating gathering in person, in Gatineau as originally planned. It will be amazing.

With this new format, instead of having 4 days to generate agreements and structures that serve us all, we have 12 months to make progress as a community and a final 4 days where we bring it all together.

Being in-person, outdoors in Gatineau Park in September 2022, is not only a much more productive culmination for the Summit, but it is also much closer to our values as an outdoor community.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your time and involvement in this epic and historical process. As you can see by what we’ve accomplished until now, and our vision for our collective future, your contributions have brought meaningful change that will last a long time.

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