The Cost of Working in Silos

November 27, 2020

Because the outdoor sector has worked in silos for decades, it is harder for all of us to apply for grants, influence policymakers, educate insurance companies or other stakeholders affecting our sector. For our community to be properly supported, we need to act as one. Rules, policies, and funding that could support the outdoor activities are scattered because we are scattered.

This crisis has demonstrated that the biggest wins come when we work together. It displayed how divided we are compared to other sectors, like sports, and how this impacted our resilience and influence in crucial times. We have the power to change this reality. As soon as we come together and speak with one voice, the rest will come.

In newsletters, we are sharing wins. They all have a common thread, they were achieved because people worked together. Not policy experts, not lobbyists, people with means and experience. People who care about bringing people outdoors and outdoor programs. People just like you. 

As the expression goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. The pandemic hit Canada in March. The Summit hosted a few virtual gatherings. from those gatherings, small groups of people banded together. Look at the wins that came from that! We all want our pudding to be gooey, tasty, and filling. Bring your ingredients to the cook-off… or more clearly, join the Summit efforts.

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