Rethinking camping

November 9, 2020

It seems like everyone went camping this summer. That’s great! Camping is an amazing way to break away from our daily lives, screens, and alarm clocks to spend quality time with close ones and enjoy the great outdoors.

Camping’s record-breaking popularity this summer allowed for many Canadians to discover our country’s wilderness and made for a very lucrative period for the Tourism industry and for many in our community. On the other hand, many transformations are happening which are impacting how enjoyable and sustainable outdoor activities are in Canada. 

Campers are less experienced. They leave more waste behind and are at a higher risk for injury and animal conflict.

The demand for a diversity of accommodation types is growing. Caravaning is more and more popular and more inexperienced campers are looking for more turnkey alternatives.

There is a growing interest in experiential tourism opportunities, which represents a great opportunity for our community, but also means we need to adapt to a changing customer base.

As a community, we know how to go outdoors safely and sustainably for both the environment and humans. Our knowledge is needed to support smarter development. Therefore, we’ve created this four question survey for us to share thoughts and resources.

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