Outdoor insurance

October 14, 2020

In one of our first Basecamp Conversations, Georges Beaudry from Manitoba brought to our attention the headaches insurance providers create for all Led Outdoor Activity providers in Canada. 

A conversation then sparked. It allowed us to realize the actual impact of this issue on our community. It also allowed us to realize that we had another shot at solving this issue, and that we needed to be united to do so.

Because of this conversation, Travel Manitoba has started a project to improve access to reasonably priced insurance for outdoor businesses. 

The Outdoor Council of Canada collaborated with Travel Manitoba, learned from their model and will use these lessons to transform how outdoor insurance happens in Canada.

This shows the importance of a coherent voice, of a national structure, for our community. Not to limit us, but to coordinate and multiply our efforts. Let’s create, together, a world where outdoor programs can thrive and be appreciated for their true worth.

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