Next Advanced Camp

October 14, 2020

Take the analogy of the river. When navigating rapids, you should never go at the same speed as the current; otherwise, it decides our course for us! How can we stay in control and strive despite the surging rapids of the Covid River?

We are pleased to invite you to the next virtual Advanced Summit Camp on Friday, November 13, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET. (Register here) The theme is to regroup and discuss how we can overcome the challenges we are facing with COVID.

For now, the plan is to:

    • Share experiences and constructive resources with the community, through, among other things, the presentation of a Big Win achieved in British Columbia this summer;
    • Discuss outdoor outings in post-secondary educational institutions;
    • Discuss outdoor learning in regular and field schools.

You would like to add a topic to this list? Contact Franz Plangger at [email protected]!

We must plan our future actions now to be more resilient and increase the impact of the outdoor community on Canadian public policy. Let’s stop working in silos and join our strengths. We are counting on your participation!

Be Part of the Collective Effort!

If you care about bringing people outside, this Summit is for you. It is designed to give space for your opinion to influence the results.  Join this unprecedented national collaboration and help co-create the future of the outdoor community.

Support the Summit and join forces with hundreds of people and organizations passionate about Led outdoor Activities.