We came together

September 28, 2020


In one of the most stressful times of our history, we came together and found support within the community with the Summit Basecamp Conversations. Here is a snapshot of what happens and what we can do when we come together.

May was a bleak month in BC. Wilderness expeditions were forbidden. A coalition of people who met through the Summit engaged with the government and resolved the problem. Though the solution came late, it still shows how much we can accomplish when we join forces.

Through the Summit, the Canadian Camping Association, the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance, Paddle Canada and the Outdoor Council of Canada formed a federal advocacy coalition to fight the unnecessary restrictions imposed because of the pandemic. The purpose of this coalition is clear: when the next crisis comes, we can count on the government to support you.

Funny! The Summit too had learn and adapt quickly in regards to hosting virtual gatherings. We had a strong plan for the first meeting. When reality hit, we had a 20 minute delay before sending people in their virtual rooms. Our saving grace was you! All we had to do was say “Hey Jeff! Can you talk about topic X for 10 minutes?” We love working with you all because you are the type of leaders who are always ready to provide value to a group. Thanks for being awesome.

For today, let’s conclude with Franz’s (the co-chair of the Summit) favorite moment of the summer. Remember the federal advocacy coalition mentioned above? During one meeting where we discussed how we can support the efforts of camps to get 150 millions $ from the federal government, a comment was made about the fact that a lot of summer camp staff work in the ski industry in the winter. To Franz’s knowledge, this is the first time that the Canadian Camping association and the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance discussed directly how they share staff.

This is the value of the Summit. By coming together we see that “my staff is your staff”, that “your student is my future client” , that “my program is your solution”. We are a community. Over the next newsletters we will go in more details about other wins which emerged from the basecamp conversations. Our impact is felt from coast to coast to coast, the experiences we offer last a lifetime. Let’s be a healthy, strong community and come together to build a bright future for Led Outdoor Activities.

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