A national survey for your clients

June 18, 2020

Tourism Vancouver, and a few other partners, have created a survey to understand what potential clients will be comfortable doing this year amid COVID. Of note:

  1. The survey is national in scope. Tourism Vancouver has generously provided resources and time to host the survey and analyze it, but it is meant to be of service to adventure tourism across the country.
  2. The survey is designed to be completed by your clients (the end-user) and not by programs or service providers.
  3. The survey results and raw data will be made available to everyone sending out the survey to their clients.

The survey’s closing date is June 29th. Results will be provided soon after July 1st.

Here is the survey link that you can share. https://bit.ly/survey-yervana-occ

When sharing the survey, you can use the following message:

Help support local tourism businesses.

Let us know how you are feeling about travel and activities this summer by taking part in this short survey. Your response will help businesses in the outdoor adventure tourism industry to understand better how local people are feeling about getting outside during COVID-19. As tourism businesses try to rebuild their offerings and cater to local residents, your input will help us all plan for the year ahead.

Tourism Vancouver and the outdoor tourism service providers who developed this survey are thanking you for taking the time to read this and taking action to support one another. Capturing data in an important step allowing us all to make sound decisions this summer.

Due to limited resources, Tourism Vancouver could only design and implement an English survey.

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