Launching Basecamp Conversations

April 9, 2020

Since COVID-19 impacted all of our lives, we have begun to receive inquiries about the Canadian Outdoor Summit and whether the gathering in September will be postponed or not. The answer is we don’t know… yet.

Here is what we do know right now: COVID-19 has had tremendous impact on the National Outdoor Community, on you, your programs, the participants your serve and all Led Outdoor Activities. Adapting to that impact, minimizing the losses and making the most of opportunities and innovations is what matters most right now.

In many ways, we all were at the basecamp preparing to route to reach the Canadian Outdoor Summit and the COVID-19 storm hit all of us at full strength. Like an expedition, our biggest priority is to ensure everybody in the community receive the support necessary to remain safe, warm and hydrated. We all face difficult months ahead.

Consequently, the Canadian Outdoor Summit leadership team has decided to host Basecamp Conversations. The purpose of these Basecamp Conversations is to work together, share experience, wisdom, leads and resources so our programs remain resilient and Canadians can continue to participate in powerful experiences in nature because of your dedicated work. Many of the skills so inherent in our career path have deep value and high relevance at this time.

We are currently working hard to prepare all the technical requirements to host those Basecamp Conversations online. Stay tuned, we will soon communicate the date of the first conversation and how to register. Note that Basecamp Conversations are free.

When in the field, no matter how big the storm, we must trust in our colleagues to have each of our backs. We must work co-operatively to emerge safely on the other side, no matter how much the storm might have caught us by surprise or how wet we are in the moment. One thing is certain: we will be stronger together.

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