The Canadian Outdoor Summit is an epic, national, historic project where participants are invited to excitedly co-create a reality where
outdoor programs can thrive and be appreciated for their true worth.  The Summit will enable the creation of a more unified, national outdoor community and begin to remove roadblocks currently affecting outdoor programming.

The Summit is focused on Led Outdoor Activities, where at least one person is responsible for the well-being of participants while outdoors. If you lead others in the outdoors or offer those activities on the territory you manage,
this Summit is for you and your perspective is important to us. 

The Summit is
a co-creation process where individuals can engage with workgroups through this website. This will begin to inform the consolidation and development of important ideas, which will be further discussed, enriched, and then adopted as strategic new directions at the Summit in-person gathering in the fall of 2022.

The Summit is extended to the fall of 2022 and the
journey has already begun. Workgroups are actively seeking input from all interested parties. The culminating gathering and the blossoming of this inspired collective work will take place near the end of September or the beginning of October 2022.

Where :
To be determined


June 8, 2021

Our Plan for Fall 2021

September will see an important transition in the Summit project. Key Summit objectives will go from being owned by workgroups to being owned and discussed by the national community (you). This fall, true co-creation begins!

May 12, 2021

Am I the Only One?

An “Open Letter” Poem From the Outdoor Community.

April 20, 2021

Generations Will Be Impacted by Our Actions

It is easy to forget how much of an impact we have as a community on Canadian society. It is also easy to forget the potential we have, and how untapped that potential is. The Summit will bring profound transformations which will have lasting effects on generations to come. Here are a few examples of why.


Workgroup Outcomes

The Summit is bringing together educators, trainers, knowledge keepers, program administrators, students and industry leaders to discuss strategy, directions, and decisions that help move in the direction of the following important outcomes:

  1. Develop a consensus statement about the value of Led Outdoor Activity in Canada.
  2. Compile and share best practices, structures, and systems related to Led Outdoor Activity across Canada.
  3. Discuss and develop a proposed national framework of competency training for outdoor leaders.
  4. Promote outdoor education strategies in K-12 institutions.
  5. Invite and integrate indigenous perspectives on Led Outdoor Activity and its connection to land-based programming.
  6. Promote greater access to the outdoors for individuals with differing mobility.

Each outcome has its own dedicated workgroup coordination team and their mandate is to widely gather input from all interested parties and then use it to inform the development of tangible recommendations, strategies and innovations to further collectively explore at the Summit gathering.


Transforming the future of outdoor programming is an ambitious project and the Summit has been intentionally designed to invite and incorporate the wealth of knowledge and experience found within the national outdoor community. We know that we can’t solve all the most compelling challenges of our time with a single project, but the Summit is a strong start!

The Canadian Outdoor Summit gathering has been designed to be an innovative model where participants are not simply attendees of workshops and receivers of information but are seen as honoured custodians of unique viewpoints, respected knowledge keepers, and passionate agents of change. If you have an affinity for Led Outdoor Activity, then your voice is essential to the Summit process.

To engineer potential solutions that are widely accepted and embraced by the outdoor community, each committee and workgroup is composed of individuals representing a wide spectrum of organizations from throughout the sector and across Canada.  

Already, more than 50 outdoor organizations have answered the call and are working directly towards the success of the Summit. 

If you offer or have offered Led Outdoor Activities, we invite you to be a part of this unprecedented, national co-creation process.

Supporting Structure

A Steering Committee is responsible for designing and implementing the Summit.

An Advisory Committee is reviewing the work of the Steering Committee and ensuring the Summit meets the needs of the outdoor community.

The Outdoor Council of Canada sits on the Steering Committee and serves as the promoter for this project.

The project benefits from the engagement of 6 workgroups coordination teams, several project-specific volunteer teams, and many passionate individuals promoting the Summit from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Two independent groups have merged their 2020 conference with the 2021 Summit Gathering. These groups are the Canadian Adventure Therapy Symposium and the Réseau des URLS responsible for the Forum plein air.

Be Part of the Collective Effort!

If you care about bringing people outside, this Summit is for you. It is designed to give space for your opinion to influence the results.  Join this unprecedented national collaboration and help co-create the future of the outdoor community.

Support the Summit and join forces with hundreds of people and organizations passionate about Led outdoor Activities.