Workgroups for the
Canadian Outdoor Summit

To accomplish the Summit outcomes, the Steering committee created workgroups and provided each one with a specific mandate. In addition, it selected a small team of coordinators for each workgroup. Between September 2019 and September 2020, each group will reflect on their mandate and bring concrete proposals at the Summit. Individuals and organizations interested in contributing to the mandate of one or more workgroups are encouraged to complete the pre-registration form found on this website.

The following individuals act as coordinators for each workgroup and are accountable for their workgroup’s progress. 

Workgroup 01.

Mandate: Develop a consensus statement about the value of Led Outdoor Activity in Canada.



Workgroup 02.

Mandate: Compile and share best practices, structures, and systems related to Led Outdoor Activity across Canada.




Workgroup 03.

Mandate: Develop a framework of national standards and competency training when offering Led Outdoor Activity.



Trends and Opportunity 1

Mandate: Outdoor Education in K-12 institutions.




Trends and Opportunity 2

Mandate: Indigenous perspectives for land-based activities



Trends and Opportunity 3

Mandate: Accessibility to the outdoors for people with differing mobility.



Be Part of the Collective Effort!

There are a lot of pre-Summit projects and workgroups that would benefit greatly from your talents and ideas as well as access to your networks. We are now seeking passionate individuals and organizations who can commit some time to being part of this unprecedented national collaboration. We will need both funding and people who can commit time to work on various projects as volunteers.

Contact us today to learn more about the gathering momentum of the Summit.