Summit Outcomes


The outdoor sector is broad and diverse. It includes any organization responsible for the well being of others in an outdoor environment (schools, camps, guiding companies, outdoor clubs, therapeutic programs), outdoor training organizations, certifying bodies and land managers overseeing service providers on their territory. These organizations have a different set of objective and challenges. However, all will be served by the successful accomplishment of the Summit’s outcomes.

Our sector has many vibrant organizations. However, these organizations are often disconnected from one another. One piece that is notably absent is a distinctly Canadian national event where we can all gather together, celebrate our successes, learn about each other and create stronger national bonds.

One goal will be to forge and energize a unified national voice that connects our sector to greater opportunities for funding and recognition, both from government and the private sector.

  1. A statement about the value of outdoor activities for Canadian Society: The statement will be a foundation for informing Canadians of the value of outdoor activities and will be used as a lever to affect policy changes provincially and nationally. The outdoor sector is an important contributor to economic, social and environmental health. However, as a sector, we have little control over messaging about what we do and why it is valuable. The result is little understanding of the importance of outdoor activity, low respect towards the associated professions and lack of interest in orienting resources towards the development of outdoor activities for Canadians. The statement is the first step towards claiming our position as an important contributor to society.
  2. Identify accepted practices of Canadian outdoor programs: The first step to developing accepted practices for outdoor programs will be to compile best practices, structures, and systems related to outdoor programs across the country. Then, the goal will be to design standards promoting quality and safety while being flexible enough to be functional for our diverse sector. This will significantly increase our collective resilience in case of high profile accidents. In other words, we know how to design quality outdoor programs. Let’s make sure our expertise is used across the country to help develop better and safer programs.
  3. Develop national standards of competency training for outdoor leaders: Developing national standards of competency training for outdoor leaders will have many benefits. It will ensure that outdoor leaders have a clear standard of care to refer to when meeting their duty to care for participants. It will enable training organizations to prepare future professionals to meet the needs of the industries. It will define the competencies required to act as an outdoor leader and help promote respect towards this role. It will make it easier for land managers to evaluate if a person has the required competencies to operate on their territory.

Be Part of the Collective Effort!

There are a lot of pre-Summit projects and workgroups that would benefit greatly from your talents and ideas as well as access to your networks. We are now seeking passionate individuals and organizations who can commit some time to being part of this unprecedented national collaboration. We will need both funding and people who can commit time to work on various projects as volunteers.

Contact us today to learn more about the gathering momentum of the Summit.