The Canadian Outdoor Summit is a historic national gathering aimed at celebrating our contribution to Canadian society and solving key challenges faced by outdoor programs. The Summit will be held in Gatineau city from September 29th to October 2nd, 2020.

This project is a collective effort of the outdoor sector. Your program offers tremendous value to those who use your services. For the Summit to be a success, your engagement and participation are required.

Like any expedition seeking to “summit”, much effort will be required in advance for a successful “approach” so we can “Summit” together.


Summit Outcomes

The Summit brings together educators, trainers, program administrators and industry leaders to discuss strategy, directions and overarching decisions with the aim to accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. A statement about the value of outdoor activities for Canadian Society.
  2. Identify accepted practices of Canadian outdoor programs.
  3. Develop national standards of competency training for outdoor leaders.

Additional outcomes may be added to the Summit as the process evolves.

Who is the Summit for

The Summit’s focus is on Led Outdoor Activities where at least one person is responsible for the well being of participants while outdoors. If you lead others in the outdoors, or if those activities are offered on the territory you manage, this Summit is for you.


To accomplish the outcomes a pre-Summit process is necessary. Furthermore, to ensure acceptance of the Summit results this process must include a broad representation of the outdoor sector.

A Steering Committee has undertaken the initial leadership (been given ownership) of the Summit and is defining a grass-roots process promoting input and broad engagement from the outdoor sector. This is bearing fruits as two organizations offering regular outdoor conferences for sub-sections of the outdoor sector have joined forces with the Summit (Canadian Adventure Therapy Symposium and Forum plein air).

The Outdoor Council of Canada sits on the Committee and serves as the promoter for this project.

Be Part of the Collective Effort!

There are a lot of pre-Summit projects and workgroups that would benefit greatly from your talents and ideas as well as access to your networks. We are now seeking passionate individuals and organizations who can commit some time to being part of this unprecedented national collaboration. We will need both funding and people who can commit time to work on various projects as volunteers.

Contact us today to learn more about the gathering momentum of the Summit.